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What’s In My Water

If the water in your home tastes, smells, looks, or feels weird, an RAdata Water Treatment System will help.
We can handle your problem water!

Questions? Call us today at 973-927-7303. We can help you identify, confirm, and treat your water quality problems.

If you have your own private “Well Water”

Your well water comes from the aquifer under your home. If you purchased a home in NJ with a private well after 2001, a well water quality test commonly called a “PWTA” well test would have been performed. The buyer and seller certified in writing at the closing that they received and reviewed those water test results. However, water quality monitoring shouldn’t stop after purchasing your home. Ground water is constantly moving, water levels change, and naturally occurring or human-induced quality changes can present themselves without symptomatic indication. Just as you would see a doctor or a dentist for an annual check-up, your well should have a yearly water quality test. Some common water quality concerns include Coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, Nitrates, Arsenic, Iron, Lead, Manganese, pH, Radiation (Gross Alpha Radiation or Radon in water), and Volatile Organic Compounds.

If you buy water from a local water company “City Water”

City water is collected from multiple sources (wells, lakes, aquifers, surface water) and treated in a central facility. The treated water is then distributed to multiple homes and businesses through a distribution network of pipes and plumbing. Your water company should send you a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) each year outlining the sources of the water and the results of the required water testing. As a consumer, you may want to add additional water treatment in your own home to correct aesthetic or problem conditions of the water like hard water or chlorine taste or odor.