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Radiation (Gross Alpha) In Your Water

How does RAdata reduce Gross Alpha in water?

Special water ion-exchange systems can remove radiation from your well water. RAdata has designed a proprietary system to specifically remove Radium and Uranium from your water.  This system includes a neutralizer to balance your water’s pH after it has undergone the de-ionization process.  We will customize this system to fit your needs and budget.  RAdata will service and monitor your system annually* by testing for radiation in the water and scanning for gamma ray emission from your treatment tanks with a special instrument used to measure radiation.  If you have existing treatment in your home, we can service and monitor your existing equipment, even if we didn’t install it!

*Services provided upon request by client.  Appointment required.

GROSS ALPHA RADIATION LINKS: Homeowner’s Guides to Radioactivity in Drinking Water, NJDEP – Read more about Uranium and Radium

Do I Have Radiation (Gross Alpha) in My Water?

If you suspect a problem and your drinking water comes from a private well, you should have the well water tested.  If Radiation (Gross Alpha) or any other contaminant is found, RAdata can install water treatment systems to remediate any water problem.

Test My Water for Gross Alpha (and other contaminants)

RAdata provides a full water testing service. Click to learn about our Water Testing Service or get started immediately by Ordering Well Water Testing for your home.

Radiation in your water: How to treat it and what you need to know.
The Good News: RAdata has the knowledge and experience to safely reduce radiation in your drinking water!

Our in house expert on radiation is a Radiation Safety Officer, past Conference Chair of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Naturally Occurring Contaminants Conference: Arsenic, Radium, Radon, and Uranium, (2005,2006,2007), contributing author: “Multiple-Contaminant Private Well Water Treatment – Arsenic, Radionuclides, and More”, and an active participant in ongoing State research on measuring and treating radiation in groundwater.

If you need to remove Radiation from water for your family’s drinking water or for the sale of a home, RAdata can help! Call 973-927-7303 today to set up the installation of the guaranteed fix for Radiation in Well Water.  You can also use this Free Estimate form to have RAdata create a free, no obligation estimate for Water Treatment Services.

If you have questions on how to treat Radiation (Gross Alpha) in your well water,

call us today at 973-927-7303 and ask to speak to a specialist.