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PFAS Analysis and PWTA Testing Services

RAdata Offers Private Well Water Testing in NJ for Real Estate Compliance

Are you selling a house? Perhaps you are leasing or buying a property in New Jersey. If that is the case, the last thing you would like to get in the way of closing the real estate deal are issues related to the PWTA. Testing your well water regularly is not just a good idea anymore as it is mandatory in New Jersey for real estate compliance, and RAdata can help you. 

Amendments in PWTA

Through a rule on Sep 4, 2018, the NJDEP changed the PWTA rules and expanded water testing for gross alpha and arsenic as well as required new testing for uranium for all private wells. And on Mar 3, 2019, the changes also mandated  ethylene dibromide (EDB), 1,2,3-trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP), and 1,2-dibromo-3-chloropropane testing.

Also, the NJDEP adopted more amendments to the various PWTA rules that came into effect on Jun 1, 2020. And under these new amendments, starting Dec 1, 2021, private wells in NJ subject to either sale or lease must be tested for three per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) compounds. 

These are perfluorooctanesulfonic acid, perfluorooctanoic acid, and perfluorononanoic acid. Currently, a federal healthcare advisory level (70 ppt) exists for drinking water for PFOA and PFOS (combined). And New Jersey has adopted a standard for drinking water of 13 ppt for PFNA. 

RAdata PWTA Testing Services in NJ

We provide laboratory water testing services that comply with the PWTA. In addition, RAdata has dedicated and experienced samplers and coordinators to assist you. We are equipped to handle projects of all sizes. 

RAdata is committed to taking our clients and science seriously! Our friendly reps will assist you in various phases of your well water testing experience, from scheduling and sampling to analysis. 

Our experience profile shows that we are the undisputed market leader in drinking water testing and analysis. We can test for the complete list of PFAS compounds in everything from your drinking water to wastewater and hazardous waste.

What RAdata Offers

We provide the most advanced capabilities in the area. Our labs offer many advantages and benefits, including: 

Ø  The fastest possible turnaround in the industry

Ø  Unmatched technical and customer support

Ø  Impeccable quality

Ø  Unparalleled on-time performance 

Ø  Competitive pricing 

Why Choose RAdata

With local expertise and experience backed by global capabilities, RAdata can help you comply with all local laws and policies regarding water quality. 

·       Our facilities are conveniently located a short trip away from your home, office, or project site.

·       When your water samples arrive at the destination, they will not be re-packaged and shipped through commercial couriers across the country to a lab.

We strive to educate ourselves and offer as much knowledge and help as we support our clients. RAdata collaborates with EPA on analytical methods, best practices, detection limit feasibility relative to planned regulatory thresholds, and acceptable precision and accuracy. The firsthand interaction and collaboration with regulators help us stay abreast of the priorities for all future regulations of various emerging contaminants.

Our Capabilities and Experience Mean Your Peace of Mind

With certified PFAA testing for the complete list of PFAA compounds, we offer an accurate and timely assessment of various PFAS in your environment. Contact RAdata today to learn more about how we can help you comply with the latest testing requirements.