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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) In Water

Do I Have VOCs in my Water?  

If you suspect a problem and your drinking water comes from a private well, you should have the well tested.  If VOCs or any other contaminant is found, RAdata can install Water Treatment systems to treat any water problem.

Test My Water for VOCs (and other contaminants)

RAdata provides a full water testing service, click to learn about our Water Testing Service or get started immediately by ordering well water testing for your home.

VOCs in Water: How to treat it and what you need to know.
The Good News: RAdata has the knowledge and experience to safely treat VOCs in your drinking water!

You can also contact us to have RAdata create a free, no obligation estimate for Water Treatment Services.

If you have a private well with VOC contamination, you should report your water test results to your local health department. They can investigate the source of the contamination in your well and see if other wells around you are also contaminated.

VOC Treatment:

Granular Activated Carbon System (GAC) treatment generally costs less than Aeration, but the carbon tanks require periodic replacement when they have been saturated with chemicals and can no longer effectively remove chemicals from your water. Depending on the severity of the VOC contamination, water usage, and other water quality indicators, GAC tanks replacement timeframes can vary greatly.

Aeration Systems, also known as air stripping, mixes air with water to volatilize contaminants (turn them to vapor). The volatilized contaminants are vented to the outside of the home. Aeration used to remove volatile organic chemicals can also remove radon from drinking water.

Bottled water can be used as a short-term source of drinking water. If you choose to use these short-term measures, keep in mind that VOCs may still enter your body through skin absorption or through inhalation of water vapor.

If you have questions on how to treat VOCs
in your well water,
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