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Professional Charcoal Canister Radon Test Kits (CC)

In a 2013 report on Double Blind Testing of Passive Radon Detectors, RAdata Charcoal Canisters outperformed the competition, with a low spread of measurements, the 2nd lowest average IRE: 2.47% (Individual Relative Error is the measure of accuracy or closeness to the true value), and with NO detectors out of acceptable range (IRE cannot be greater than 25%). 44% of the Laboratories in the study had at least one measurement out of acceptable IRE (>25% IRE).

Choose the #1 overall laboratory with the lowest IRE & with no detectors out of acceptable range: RAdata!

RAdata was the first licensed Radon Measurement Business in the State of New Jersey. Currently, over 250 local NJ home inspectors and NJ radon measurement professionals trust RAdata. In addition to our local customers, we serve over 2000 nationwide commercial customers including home inspectors, radon measurement professionals, and State and local Health Departments.

RAdata is a certified Analytical Laboratory with the AARST-NRPP National Radon Proficiency Program, ID# 101196AL. In addition to our National certification, we are also certified with State Radon Programs where applicable.

  • 4” Open Face Charcoal Canister
  • Short-Term Radon Test Device
  • The optimal exposure period for this device is 48-96 hours
  • For use in all 50 states
  • 1 year shelf life
  • Each device contains 77 grams of coconut shell carbon
  • Average Product Weight: ~160 grams
  • Includes test device, instructions, chain of custody, laboratory analysis, return packaging, and state fees (where applicable)
  • Lower Limit of Detection: <0.2 pCi/L
  • Available in single, double and bulk packaging
  • Available with or without prepaid return service (USPS Business Reply Mail Postage labels or UPS Ground labels)
  • Test results available online 24/7 (with approximately 6 months of online storage of your prior test reports)
  • Same Day and Next Business Day results (depending on time of receipt)
  • Analysis corrects for humidity/moisture (extensive moisture curves are evaluated on an annual basis)
  • Environmentally friendly material reprocessing