Vapor Mitigation Systems

vapor mitigation systemRAdata, Inc has been successfully assessing environmental issues and providing remedial solutions since 1984. Building Owners, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs) turn to us for knowledge, experience, and proven vapor reduction.

RAdata, Inc. offers more than 30 years of experience in vapor control and has installed systems to remove radon and other vapors from over 45,000 buildings and structures. RAdata, Inc. vapor mitigation systems can be found on single-family residences and on commercial and residential buildings throughout the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania area. Some examples of facilities where we have installed Vapor Mitigation systems are: Schools, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Dry Cleaners, Hotels, Apartment Complexes and other Multi-Family Housing, Banking Institutions, Industrial Facilities and more. No Vapor Intrusion job is too small or too large for RAdata.

Environmentally impaired properties or Brownfield sites face unique challenges. Contamination from vapor intrusion continues to present financial loss and health risks in both existing buildings and new construction. RAdata, Inc. supplies a partnership approach between owners and technical professionals working proactively to provide solutions to minimize health risk and return the usable space to buildings. Should you need union or non-union labor, or have other special requirements, RAdata, Inc. is fully staffed and prepared to fulfill any contract’s needs. Our services will always be delivered to you in a professional and complete manner, on time and on budget.

When dealing with vapor intrusion, regulatory agencies from the local, State and Federal level require state certified Radon Mitigation Specialists and Engineers. Our mitigation specialists are well versed in the science of buildings and the mechanics of soil gas migration, and are committed to providing our clients with total solutions to correct issues caused by vapor intrusion. We maintain relationships with State Licensed Engineers that are familiar with and proficient in the creation of design drawings and carrying out any required inspections on RAdata vapor intrusion systems, and vapor barrier installations.

Active Subsurface Depressurization Systems (ASDS) installed by state-certified radon mitigation specialists are the most common effective solution to an indoor vapor problem. The ASDS functions by reversing the pressure flow of soil gas from under the slab and exhausting the contaminants above the roofline. ASDS systems can be designed for new construction and for retro-fits to existing buildings.

As with any building system, an ASDS will require routine maintenance and indoor air quality testing as verification that acceptable levels of vapors exist in the building. RAdata provides service, repair, and code updates to existing Vapor Mitigation Systems, even if the system was installed by another party. Call us today if your building has an existing Vapor Mitigation System that needs attention.

To discuss a project, obtain an estimate, or to ask questions about vapor mitigation system design or installation please call our office at 800-447-2366. We look forward to hearing from you and anticipate working with you in the future as your preferred vapor mitigation contractor.

Read RAdata’s Vapor Intrusion Brochure (PDF)

Download and read the NJ DEP Vapor Intrusion Technical Guidance (Version 3.1 March 2013) (PDF)

Download and read the EPA Engineering Issues Document, “Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Approaches” (PDF)