This commercial water treatment system was installed by RAdata for the treatment of elevated Arsenic, Hardness, Sodium, Chloride, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The customized system is comprised of a commercial grade Reverse Osmosis rated at 5,000 Gallons per Day with high flow HF5 membranes, a pH Neutralizer, a carbon filter, a 64,000 grain Water Softener and a 2-tank Arsenic Reduction System.

Prior to installation, the main complaint the occupants had with the water was that it would cause milk to curdle when they were making coffee. The total dissolved solids prior to the treatment system were measured at 1500 TDS! That is three times the EPA drinking water standard of 500. After treatment the TDS levels were reduced to 66 the tap. You can use our site to Diagnose your Own Water or learn about different types of Water Treatment Systems.

commercial water system

Small Commercial Water Treatment System, New Jersey