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1 Liquid Scintillation Radon Test Kit

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Before adding this item to your cart, for device custody tracking and quality control purposes you will be required to enter the address of the testing location in the “TEST LOCATION” box shown above the ADD TO CART button. If you intend to test multiple homes, or are purchasing the test kits for another party, please call the office for assistance at 800-447-2366 before adding any radon test kits to your cart.

This do-it-yourself short-term radon test kit includes one test canister (and one QA/QC canister) and a return mailer with Prepaid Address Label to return your sample to the RAdata, Inc. Laboratory. The two canisters in this item are for side-by-side use. Analysis is Included. There are no additional fees associated with our Professional-Grade Radon Test Kits. Our advertised price includes state fees, if applicable. We're certified to sell and test in New Jersey and all other states (except West Virginia).

Measure radon accurately with RAdata. As demonstrated by the New England Radon Laboratory Study, a blind study conducted by the state of Massachusetts, RAdata radon test kits produced the most accurate and precise test results compared to any other laboratory participating in the study.

Business Accounts (Home Inspectors, Builders, and Commercial Clients) SHOULD NOT order this product from this webpage. New Business Accounts can sign up here. If you have any questions, please call our office for assistance at 800-447-2366.

Choosing the number of tests to perform at your home:

To accurately test your home you should test the lowest livable foundation level and each additional foundation that your home may have (i.e. some homes have more than one foundation, which may be the result of additions or alterations). One device per 2,000 square feet of ground contact is recommended. A 2-pack comes with one testing canister and one additional canister for QA/QC purposes. This QA/QC canister is NOT for testing a second location. A 3-pack comes with two testing canisters and one additional canister for QA/QC purposes.

Suggested number or canisters:

  • Single foundation under 2,000 sq.ft.: 2 test kits
  • Single foundation (2,000 sq.ft. - 4,000 sq.ft.): 3 test kits
  • 2 foundations (each foundation is under 2,000 sq.ft.): 3 test kits
  • 3 foundations (each foundation is under 2,000 sq.ft.): 4 test kits
  • Complex foundations may require additional kits.
  • Please call 800-447-2366 if you have questions on how many devices you should order.
  • (Notice: Test devices should NOT be placed INSIDE of crawlspaces. The proper location for crawlspace testing is to test the room above the crawlspace. If you have placement questions, refer to the instruction sheet or call us at 800-447-2366).

State Certified in House Laboratory

Over 25 Years Experience - Knowledgeable Staff

Free Information Hotline 800-447-2366

RAdata kits trusted by professional Home Inspectors for over 25 years

-THIS KIT CONTAINS 2 Charcoal Canister Devices for simultaneous use in one testing location in a single structure-

What is Radon? Why should I test?

This radon detector kit is a short term kit. Just follow the directions on the package and return the entire kit to RAdata for analysis at no additional charge.

Test device sales are final. Once shipped, your test kit is non-refundable for quality control purposes.

NOTICE: It is the purchaser's responsibility to check for and follow any state or local regulations governing the use of radon testing devices in the state the purchaser intends to perform the radon testing. Test device sales are final; returns or credits will not be issued for failure to follow state or local guidelines. IN NEW JERSEY, SELF-SERVICE RADON TEST KITS CAN ONLY BE USED BY THE OWNER OF THE HOME TO BE TESTED, AND CANNOT BE USED FOR A REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION.

Quick Links:

New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) Radon Program Webpage:
Pennsylvania (PADEP) Dept. of Environmental Protection Radon Division Webpage:
ALL OTHER STATES: United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Webpage where you can locate your state Radon contacts:

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