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Vapor Barriers & Liquid Boot

Radata provides spray applied vapor/waterproofing barriers:



LIQUID BOOT® Gas Vapor Barrier System Liquid Boot is a cold, spray-applied, water-based membrane containing no VOCs, which provides a seamless, impermeable barrier against vapor intrusion into structures. Liquid Boot is sprayed directly onto penetrations, footings, grade beams, pile caps, etc., providing a fully-adhered and seamless membrane. Especially if your foundation is complex, this spray-applied option is the best choice for your project.

Liquid Boot System
• Spray application provides excellent sealing of penetrations.
• Seamless, monolithic membrane means no mechanical fastening required.
• Superior protection from methane gases and water vapor.
• Extensive physical and chemical properties product testing.

Why choose LIQUID BOOT®?

• Spray application provides excellent sealing of penetrations
• Significant cost saving of conventional sheet membranes
• Function well in large industrial or small residential applications
• Rapid and simplified installation minimizes construction time 
• Sophisticated quality control procedures. 
• Experienced and professional membrane design expertise
• Comprehensive chemical and physical property testing data.
• Price competitive against other membrane systems
• Quick Installation Process accelerates construction time while
providing the indoor air quality protection and assurance needed.
Protection from gases generated from methane, VOCs, petroleum hydrocarbons, and chlorinated solvents, among others. 
The most extensive physical and chemical properties product testing in the country.
Cost effective system that reduces site remediation costs.
Member of Approved Applicator Network trained and authorized to install LIQUID BOOT®.
LIQUID BOOT® is the industry standard in gas vapor membrane technology and is designed to eliminate vapor intrusion into structures built on Brownfields or any other contaminated sites, i.e. former landfills and manufacturing facilities, former dry cleaners and gas station sites, etc. LIQUID BOOT® is chemically resistant and seals all vapor intrusion pathways, preventing contaminated soil vapors from penetrating the slab. LIQUID BOOT® Gas Vapor Barrier and the LIQUID BOOT® GeoVent ventilation system is the most widely known and used vapor intrusion mitigation system used today. Over 50 million square feet of LIQUID BOOT® has been installed under Hospitals, Schools, Libraries, High-rise Commercial and Residential Buildings, Single Family Housing Developments, and Major Public Works Projects throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia.

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• Spray applied Waterproofing membrane (polymer enhanced, single component, asphalt emulsion below-grade membrane
• Typical uses include foundation walls, retaining walls, and most backfilled applications
• TREMproof 260 is also designed for use in Methane Barrier applications
• Fully adhered waterproofing membrane can be applied to damp or green concrete allowing applicaton to continue sooner after the removal of forms or following wet weather

RAdata also provides polyethylene barriers, Enka Vent®, Stego Wrap® Vapor Barrier, Raven® VaporBlock, and PVC Liners.

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ASTM International Standards Worldwide
RAdata President David Grammer is on the ASTM E03 Indoor Air Environments Committee specifically writing the ASTM E2121 Radon Standards. The ASTM E2121 is the USEPA adopted Standard for installing Radon systems.

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